23.11.2014 Digitale Informationen über Musemsbahnen

Digitale Informationen sind schnell zur Hand, insbesondere junge Leute erhalten per QR-Codes oder Apps die gewünschten Auskünfte auf ihrem Smartphone oder Tablet. Zurzeit werden Apps (und Free-Apps) für Museums- und Touristikbahnen entwickelt. Bei Interesse steht FEDECRAIL-Sekretär Livius Kooy für weitere Auskünfte zur Verfügung. – Originalmail ................

Dear members of Fedecrail,

The world is changing and museums are busy with modern digital presentations. Young people must be addressed via social media and internet, they do not pick up leaflets but they prefer the digital information sources.

How should we address this big change? By saying that we are historic, or by discussing the matter as to find best practices?

We do not want to be dinosaurs, so my suggestion is to talk about it.

Perhaps you would like to share views and join the discussion.

Our Council has also been approached by a company which wanted to sell us (and our members) mobile apps with a (talking) tour guide. Generally these apps cost about 2,500 Euro’s. We have another name of a company as well for those who want to receive information.

I attended in Dubrovnik a Conference the e-Cult Dialogue Day of EMF the European Museum Forum. Modern developments were discussed there: the most sophisticated was perhaps the e-Beacon. Bluetooth beacons working with a warning signal from 70 metres and data transmission at short distances of 1- 3 metres. I think it would be great to have a “dirt cheap” beacon in every train coach for those who like to get information on the spot. But as it is still so new, the development costs are still (too) high today.

But at Dubrovnik I got the name of a company which offers free apps. They wanted to grow quickly by offering this free option.

Any member wishing to know more is welcome to contact me anytime.

Wishing you all the best,

Livius J. Kooy, Fedecrail Sekretaris. 



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