23.11.2014 FEDECRAIL sucht Experten

Der europäische Dachverband der Museums- und Touristikbahnen FEDECRAIL sucht Experten zur Mitarbeit bezüglich ERTMS-light. Gefragt sind Kenner der Materie, die ERTMS 2.3 und ERTMS 3 lesen und interpretieren können. Es ist geplant, ein ERTMS-light für Museumsbahnen zu entwickeln. FEDECRAIL-Sekretär Livius Kooy bittet um Kontaktaufnahme. – Originalmail ...........

Dear members of Fedecrail,

All hands on deck! It is high time for me to send a message to you all: about the consequences of our new activities.

HOG at work

Fedecrail has been granted the status of Representative Body in ERA the European Railway Agency. This means that the representatives of HOG our Heritage Operations Group need to travel a few times more per year, to the relevant meetings.

At the same time, we will be more involved in the work of ERA. Consultations will need our attention, and if needed our active participation/ suitable reaction.

ERTMS-light for heritage trains

On top of this, there is the plan to develop a simplified ERTMS system for heritage trains. This would also be useful for the vehicles of the railway maintenance contractors, the so-called “Yellow Fleet”.

A simplified system, once approved, would be valid for all the countries. Therefore our co-operation is so valuable. We want to reduce costs to a minimum...

Simplified ERTMS means first of all that we must study the many pages full of specifications. At present we are half way through the specifications of ERTMS 2.3, and at the same time ERTMS 3 specifications are now public, so these can be studied too.

Assistance needed for ERTMS-light

What we need are a few more specialists who can read and interpret ERTMS 2.3 and 3. A small team of two people is now working at 2.3, having done 40 out of 80 pages of specifications. Version 2.3 will be rolled out over the South Sweden in a few years, while Denmark is anticipating ERTMS 3.

Each of the systems will need a solution: although ERTMS 3 should be compatible with the older versions such as 2.3 it will also be more expensive so we cannot allow ourselves to find a solution only for ERTMS 3.

One volunteer has already shown interest in joining the team, he is a Dutchman who understands the systems well, and who works for a mainline steam train operator.

More hands are welcome! Please could you find people in your country who are prepared to study another 10 or 20 pages, then the work will be done much more quickly! They may come from outside the rail heritage world, say from national train companies, insurance companies, governments, as long as they are willing to do some of the work for us we would be very happy.

This applies also for ERTMS policy developments, the 4th Railway Package and so on. Our aim is to find more helpful experts through you. Please contact me as soon as you have a name for us. That would be much appreciated. Time keeps running!

Best wishes,

Livius J. Kooy, Fedecrail Sekretaris.



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